On Saturday, April 28, Prosper High School took 13 works of art to compete on the state level in the Visual Arts Scholastic Event, also known as VASE.

The Prosper students who advanced to the state competition were Lucas Brooks, Gabriella Flores, Davyn Ladera (2), Sidney Lynn, Karlie Peterson, Audrey Poupard and Caylee Rich under the direction of Gina Mock and Sid Celenza; Sage Garcia, Brendan Griffin, Aiden Ramsey and Madison Woodard under the direction of Judy Seay; and Yuxi Zhang under the direction of Keith Grissom.

Zhang, Celenza, Garcia, Woodard, Brooks, Flores, Ladera, Lynn and Poupard all received gold medals at the state competition.

The mission of the TAEA Visual Arts Scholastic Event is to recognize exemplary student achievement in the visual arts by providing art students and programs a standard of excellence in which to achieve.

Before making their way to the state event, the students competed on the regional level. Regional events are divided into TEA regions. Prosper is in Region 10, which is so large that it is divided in to sub-regions. The region 10N event took place at Prosper.

Works are divided into four divisions based on the experience of the artist. Artists only compete against other artists in the same division. Over 35,000 students in Texas participate in VASE each year. Of the 35,000, only 2,200 advanced to the state competition.

Students must attend the regional event and have their original artwork with them at the time of their adjudication. All student artworks are “qualified” by a qualification panel prior to being juried. Jurors interview each artist, then evaluate artwork using a numeric rating system based on an established rubric.

Artworks receiving a Superior Rating (IV) are presented a regional medal. From the regional medalists, works are chosen to advance to the state competition. Twelve Prosper ISD students and 13 artworks advanced to the state competition. Congratulations to all the talented PISD artists!