Another school year means a new season for the Prosper swimming and diving team. The team is midway through the season, and with district right around the corner, the team is in the throes of training to ensure another successful run in district, regionals and eventually state.

Prosper can be identified at meets by their deep green swim caps and the loud cheering heard as they compete. Throughout the season, the team has seen some several victories, which senior Brittany Maynard attributes to teamwork and dedication.

“(Swimming) never fails to amaze me,” Maynard said. “Meets are great because we all encourage each other … it’s this feeling of, ‘Wow, this is the sport I chose.'”

Just last weekend the swimming team competed in the prestigious TISCA meet with success. The boys team placed 16th, while the girls landed a fourth place finish.

And with a rich history of winning, this year’s team is ready to put their stamp on Prosper swimming.

Junior girl’s captain Rey Mainka said she is excited for the upcoming district meet. With three years of competition under her belt, she knows that it won’t be easy, and hopes to help lead the team to another district title.

“It’s going to be a lot harder than it has been in the past,” Mainka says. “So we have to go into it thinking smart. … We have to have a strategy in all our swims.”

Senior boy’s captain Nick Sandt has a similar mindset. As a senior, he has spent the past four years building up his swimming career. Since his freshman year he has been pushing himself in and out of the pool in preparation for his last season.

“Its gone pretty well so far … we’re definitely in the right direction,” Sandt said. “We’re in a new district this year … but we’re just looking to swim our fastest there.”

As for the lone diver on the team, freshman Weston Sitz has already created a name for himself. After joining the team earlier this year, he has earned first in the teams two dual meets this season, as well as a second place finish at the Cougar Classic and third at the TISCA meet. He also holds Prosper’s school record for diving.

For head coach Sarah Milne, the season has been filled with fun memories, accomplishments and new achievements in her career. After coaching in Bryan, Texas, for three years, she made the transition to Prosper and said she is enjoying every minute of it.

“I’ve been impressed with the work ethic; a lot of great young leaders are stepping up and leading the team – they’ve put in a lot of hard work,” Milne said. “They’re training really hard, and it shows.”

In her first year as head coach, Milne has led the team to another standout season, with both the boys and girls finishing in fourth place or higher for most meets. She is actively involved in practices, typically found kneeling next to the lanes while coaching swimmers in the water.

“She’s so much fun, and she pushes us so hard every single morning,” Mainka said.

Milne says her favorite part of coaching is the kids. “They make it worth it, and we have a good time,” she said. “Yes, we work hard, but at the same time they like to goof around and be silly.”

Interacting with the team in and out of the pool has given her the opportunity to really get to know them, and she said she has grown to love each one of them.

“Being able to help them develop life past high school – that’s a special part,” Milne said.

As the team prepares for the district in January, they continue to build on their team-first philosophy. Milne recognizes the importance of district; they are getting in the water as much as possible, with upcoming Christmas break practices to fine tune the small details going into their championship meets.

The team is excited for district, eager to compete alongside their teammates.

“It’s been so much fun,” Mainka said. “I look at other teams and they don’t have the same dynamic we do. … We are definitely a family.”

The team looks to compete in the district meet on Saturday, Jan. 21. The meet will be held in Denton, Texas, starting at 11 a.m.