On Saturday, Phillip Pierce, his two sons and a group of Prosper baseball players and parents from the 14U AAA select baseball team from Collin County Baseball Academy in Prosper, traveled to Garland to aid in volunteering to clean up some of the debris in the wake of the devastating tornadoes that plowed through the area.

Saturday was not the first time for the Pierce family to make the trip as they were there to help volunteer cleanup on New Year’s Day, describing it as “an incredible experience and extremely humbling, sad, and rewarding at the same time.”

The day had a profound impact on Pierce.

“I was moved to organize my baseball team of eighth grade 14-year-olds and their parents to go back and help the people in Garland,” recalled Pierce. “Almost all my players and families are from Prosper, and my son, Aaron Pierce, is a senior second baseman on the PHS varsity baseball team, and that was cool for the younger players to see him in a leadership role. It was actually his volunteering in Garland days before that prompted me to act.

“The amount of destruction and debris is overwhelming,” added Pierce. “You walk away after working a few hours and you can’t even really see what you accomplished, it’s insane the damage. I know thousands of people from all over the country are there helping everyday but it was a great feeling to have some people from Prosper, and I’m sure we aren’t the only ones, go help those people.”