Correction: A previous version stated that firefighters were honored by the Plano City Council.

Plano police officers who helped rescue a 6-year-old boy from a burning house were honored Monday by the Plano City Council, KDFW-TV (Channel 4) reported.

Gabriel Spevak and his mother Juany met the rescuers who saved his life on Feb. 11. Gabriel jumped from a second-floor window into the arms of Officer Russell Harris as a fire consumed his Plano home, the station reported.

Harris was working off duty when he heard a call for a fire close by. He pulled up to see flames shooting from the front door and

“I looked over my shoulder and could see how much smoke was coming out of the tree line and something told me to go back,” Harris told KDFW.

Harris said he saw flames shooting from the front door and Juany Spevak yelling that her son was inside upstairs. Harris grabbed a ladder that was dropped off by city environmental service workers, who were also nearby, and put it up to a second-floor window.

“Once I cut the screen away from the window is when I could actually see his little hands slapping on the window,” Harris told KDFW.

He said he broke the window, grabbed the boy and handed him down to two waiting officers who just arrived before Plano Fire Rescue.

“We lost everything, but it doesn’t matter when you have your son back,” Juany told the station. “Everything else is nothing. We are just to happy and grateful.”

The council and fire department recognized three police officers, neighbors and the city workers for their part in the rescue.