Local Pay It Forward hosted a Mother’s Day Brunch for ladies in the community varying in age from mid-30s to 96. Carol Chapman and Stephanie Geronimo decided it would be nice to invite a very diverse group of ladies to celebrate Mother’s Day and enjoy fellowship and learn from each other. The goal was to invite mothers from many different walks of life; some young mothers who are just beginning to enjoy life as mothers and those who have children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren.

“I was out to find the oldest mother I could find living in Anna and via Facebook got a lead on an elderly lady who was still very active,” explained Chapman. “I went to visit Ms. Betty McBride and invite her to our brunch.”

McBride, who is 96 years young, eagerly accepted the invitation and Chapman and McBride became friends. Geronimo added that there was also a mother invited who has children but just found out she is pregnant again who also has hosted children from other countries as well as mothers who have adopted and two mothers who lost their daughters during the past year.

It was a diverse group of ladies who met on May 4 to enjoy a meal prepared by Geronimo and Chapman and fellowship.

It was not a solo effort as many in the community helped with the endeavor. Some donated flower pots, some chalk paint and other items needed to make the day special. Antoinette Suitte, Geronimo and her daughters, Lexi, TiCi and Tali and Chapman met for several weeks and painted flower pots and planted flowers as gifts for the ladies. Small gift boxes were prepared for each lady with items which included a beautiful bracelet made by Lexi that had a mother charm attached. Journals and pens, along with chocolates, flowers and balloons made a festive looking table to celebrate these special ladies.

Each lady was introduced, a history of their life was given and each shared something about themselves. Poems were read and a gift card exchange game was a huge hit. Lulu’s Bakery donated some of the gift cards, and PIF members purchased some of the gift cards. Pictures were taken and each lady received a picture of their memorable day. Each mother was also presented a gift bag of items donated by Pay It Forward members.

Additionally, there was a balloon release before the departure of guests. Kay Aguire and Beverly Sherman released balloons to celebrate the lives of their daughters who had passed away recently.

If you haven’t been a part of Pay It Forward and would like to be involved, join the Facebook page “Pay It Forward, Anna, Melissa, Van Alstyne.” Everyone can pay it forward, the opportunities are endless.