The Melissa Education Foundation held a celebratory scholarship night on Thursday, May 18, at Melissa High school. The foundation awarded more than $80,000 to 35 deserving students. Scholarships consist of businesses, families, religious and community organizations along with the actual Melissa Education Foundation.

The 2017 scholarship recipients include:

Kyrstin Alexander-$3,500

Allison Boedeker-$500

Katherine Brown-$3,000

Lauren Brown-$1,000

Krista Butterfield-$2,000

Jack Clemans-$8,000

Leah Czarnecki-$1,750

Claire Dillashaw-$1,500

Julia Giannelli-$750

Gill Gray-$2,000

Sara-Marie Greenman Spear-$2,750

August Greer-$5,500

Kennedy Hart-$2,500

Katerly Hathorn-$1,250

Nicholas Heinz-$500

Charles Hernandez-$500

Olivia Hurst-$5,500

Molly Kennedy-$2,000

Amanda Kocsis-$3,000

Tucker Maberry-$2,500

Elijah Mackey-$2,500

Danielle Maher-$500

Madison McCombs-$1,500

Abigail Minchey-$1,950

Gunnar Murphy-$1,450

Alexis Murry-$1,750

Megan O’Neal-$1,000

Rebecca Pittman-$1,000

Samuel Vestal-$1,000

Gabrielle Vidmar-1,750

Henley Walker-$2,000

Alexandria Werner-$3,500

Karen Whitson-$1,250

Layne Williams-$2,000

Jared Wresh-$4,500