The McKinney Fire Department (MFD) participated in the Texas Firefighter Summer Games held in Conroe, Texas on Monday, July 18th, and July 19th. A two-day 7 on 7 outdoor soccer tournament played on a field size that is approximately 65 yards by 50 yards and uses full-size goals. Each FD team plays five to seven games over the course of two days. Fire Departments come from New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas to participate in the games. The MFD firefighter squad consisted of Team Captain Michael Stokes, Eric Daniels, Philip Zurek, Corey Jones, Joshua Dunn, Alex Stead and Dale Smith.

Monday, July 18th defeated Houston #3 7-2, Southlake defeated MFD: 4-2, MFD defeated Richardson: 5-3

Tuesday, July 19th defeated Porter 8-1, Cleburne 5-3 and for the Championship they had to re-play Southlake.

“We knew this would be a tough rematch, Stokes told me before the game we needed to score early and often, and hold their defenders in the back,” said MFD Eric Daniels.

MFD McKinney defeated Southlake 4-2 in 100-degree weather to bring home the Gold Medal.  The victory came with muscle aches, sun poisoning, and sprains.