In honor of the school’s namesake, the students, families and faculty of Jim and Betty Hughes Elementary will offer landscaping services to senior citizens in the community on Saturday, April 22. The services will include lawn mowing, shrub trimming, mulching flower beds and planting annuals.

“We really wanted a namesake celebration that captured the spirit of Jim and Betty Hughes,” Principal Tiffany Johns said. “They grew up and went to Prosper High School and are a big part of the local community.”

Hughes Elementary is a new school, and faculty are hoping that through this event they will be able to strengthen the school’s ties to the Prosper community. As of now, the school only has about seven senior citizens that have taken it up on its offer of service. Event organizers are hoping to get between 20 and 30 signed up before the event in April.

Cristina’s Stone and Garden, a local shop, is partnering with the school to provide affordable packages of annuals and mulch. Families can volunteer their time and service or purchase a package of mulch and annuals to help out the cause.

“The Prosper ISD graduate profile contains a pillar of service,” said Johns. “We hope that this event will help tie our campus in with this pillar.”

Hughes Elementary is located on the edge of Prosper and as such anticipates that these events will help the school connect with the senior citizens of the rapidly growing city. Event organizers plan to sponsor this event annually and said they hope that it will grow each spring.