Walking back from the truck, all Lindsey Tarby could think about was what was coming next. The horse that was once standing was now on the ground having difficulty breathing. The owners had tears in their eyes as veterinarian Dr. Jeff Garner assessed the situation.

As a volunteer veterinarian technician, Lindsey has dealt with this scenario on more than one occasion. She has to watch or assist the vet make difficult decisions when treating the animals.

“The doctor who I was with, Dr. Jeff, was evaluating the horse and sent me back to the truck to get some stuff, and by the time I came back, the horse was on the ground,” recent PHS grad Lindsey Tarby said. “The owner was really upset but appreciative that we were there.”

Editor’s note: Each year the students in the journalism program at PHS finish the course by writing press releases. The class partners with The Princeton Herald to publish the stories.

By Haley Short • Special Contributor • news@princetonherald.com