Taking its cues from college campuses, Celina ISD’s CTOWN will once again offer a laid-back, quiet venue for CHS students to study starting Sept. 6. As in years past, the center will be open on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4-8 p.m.

CTOWN is an extended-day learning opportunity, located at 709 E. Pecan St., complete with comfortable couches and chairs. CHS students are able to meet with tutors for individual help in English learning arts reading (ELAR), math, science and Spanish.

CTOWN director Jill Roza said CTOWN was created for students to be able to use the facility to do their homework, get help from a tutor and have the opportunity to work with others on a group project.

“We are trying to get students to develop good study habits for when they go off to college and their parents are not right there asking if they have all of their work completed for the next day,” she said.

Students love the center because it looks like a coffee shop/student union and nothing like the environment they have been in for the last eight years, Roza said.

She said one student shared with her a typical day before CTOWN and what her day looks like after using the facility.


1. Go home after school and watch some TV or videos until dinner.

2. Eat dinner, clean up and then start on homework by 7:30-8 p.m.

3. Text friends for homework help. Sometimes they would text back, sometimes not.

4. Finish homework and go to bed around midnight.

5. Arrive at the high school early the next morning to get homework help from teachers and finish before school starts.


1. Arrive at CTOWN by 3:45 p.m.

2. Check in and go straight to work.

3. Finish homework by 6-7 p.m. and help tutor underclassmen in the Science Center.

Roza said that through her efforts, the student was able to move into the top 10 percent of her class.

“Her basic complaint was that there were too many distractions at home, so she was able to put off her homework,” she said. “This type of center also helps those students who are going off to college to learn those study skills that they will need to be successful on the university level.  For example, if they are having issues with calculus or physics, we have tutors and/or peer tutors that can help them in those areas.”

Roza said that this year high school students will see some new faces because some tutors left due to job relocations.

“Three of our peer tutors graduated last year, so we will be filling their positions with new peer tutors,” she said. Peer tutors are nominated by their teachers to work at the center.

The district is accepting applications from anyone interested in working at CTOWN that has a solid foundation in the areas of English language arts reading and/or all levels of math, science and Spanish. Those interested can contact Roza at 469-742-9142 or jillroza@celinaisd.com.