The Celina Police Department has promoted its assistant chief to chief.

City officials announced this week that Tony Griggs is Celina’s new police chief. Mark Metdker, the public safety director who’s been over both departments, will now serve primarily as fire chief and fire marshal.

Griggs has been with Celina PD for six years. 2010. He previously spent 12 years with Irving PD, progressing from officer to detective, sergeant and then lieutenant. Griggs also spent time as a security police officer and instructor for the United States Air Force.

“It’s really an honor to be appointed to the position and to be able to lead this police department with such a dedicated group of officers,” Griggs said. “I will bring my servant leadership and management that will focus on a shared vision to keep Celina the safe community that it is.”

Metdker has led police and fire personnel for the past three years. Such a role had begun to be too much as Celina and its departments continue to grow. Griggs’ promotion allows Metdker to relieve half his leadership duties.

“The community respects Tony, and that means a lot to me,” Mayor Sean Terry said. “Tony built that respect with the district attorney and prosecutor’s office as well.”

Griggs and Terry agree that Celina PD must strengthen its bond to the community through establishing a trustworthy relationship with residents

“I think it’s really important that our officers get engaged with our community,” the mayor said. “It’s important that the officers get to know who they’re protecting.”