Anna’s House, a ministry-based outreach program administered by First Anna Baptist Church that over the last five years provided food, clothing, diapers and prayer to needy community members is no more.

While a brief message to the Tribune last week announced the closing, it also left many unanswered questions: “Anna’s House will no longer be distributing food on the second and fourth Saturdays. A new direction for Anna’s House, Disaster Relief, is on the horizon. More information is coming. Thank you and God bless all.”

With July 23 apparently the last day for the food pantry, former food pantry director Jan Chapman said, “We gratefully thank God, the volunteers and all who have supplied food for the past five years. God surely blesses those who consider others.”

With the closure of Anna’s House as a food pantry, three food pantries remain in the corridor. The Calvary Baptist Church Food Pantry, located at 2710 S. Powell Parkway (Hwy. 5) in Anna, is open the third Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. The Melissa Community Outreach Food Pantry provides food and clothing to families who have found themselves in crisis. It is located at 3107 McKinney Street (Hwy. 5) and is open Mondays and Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The pantry can be contacted by email Feed My Sheep, a food pantry in Howe that serves only Howe residents, is open on the first and third Saturdays of each month from 9 a.m. to noon. To receive services, a picture ID and two proofs of residency is required. For more information call 903-814-0836.

“Anna’s House Ministry Plan” issued by First Anna Baptist Church and obtained last week by the Tribune, outlines the scope of the new Disaster Relief program. The Mission Statement is “To prepare, equip, train, and mobilize volunteers to fulfill the Great Commission by meeting real needs and sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with those whose lives have been or will be affected by disasters.”

Volunteer opportunities will be available to present the Gospel, make Anna’s House baby, health and school gift kits, knit blankets and head wraps for infants, prepare inventory kits or join chainsaw, communications or temporary roofing units. Chainsaw Units will cut limbs and trees which have fallen on someone’s home or property. Communications Units will provide communication services when normal communications methods, such as cell phones, are absent or inadequate, by conveying messages by any means from courier to computers to radios. Temporary Roofing units will provide temporary protection for roof damage caused by disaster.

Among the Ministry Plan Goals is involvement on several layers — from deacon, elders and pastors to church families, community and multiple conventions — allowing church families to fellowship with each other. Elder experience is incorporated with a younger generation and vice versa, providing a method in which volunteers can plug into the church and community.

At this time it is unknown whether the program will be confined to Anna or reach out beyond Anna to surrounding communities, counties or to even include the DFW Metroplex and points beyond.

Phone messages left by the Tribune at First Anna Baptist Church requesting information on the Disaster Relief program were not returned by press time.