On Thursday, May 18, the Anna Independent School District honored Ty Chapman; the outgoing board member. Chapman served the Anna school board for 17 years, from 2004 to 2016, as the board president. In all of his years on the board, Chapman served with three different superintendents.

At the meeting Chapman said it was a privilege to fulfill his duties to the Anna school board in the capacity that he did, and watch the “amazing” growth of the schools.

“When I started on the board, Anna only had three campuses,” Chapman said. “Now, it has grown to seven campuses.”

Chapman said he is comfortable with the residents’ choice for the incoming board member.

“I feel like Clark Miller is a fitting replacement for my seat on the board,” he said.

After the school board presented Chapman with a few parting gifts. Superintendent Pete Slaughter said it was an honor to serve on the board with Chapman.

“I’m sure we will still see you up here doing your work for the school board in the future,” Slaughter said. “We hope you will serve on a committee or two.”

Before Chapman stepped down from Seat 5 on the board, Clark Miller and Lorissa Thornburg both took oaths for their positions. Miller is the newly elected member for Seat 5, and Thornburg is the incumbent re-elected member for Seat 7.

The school board also held nominations for the new term’s officers. All three officers were nominated and unanimously voted into their prospective positions. Shelli Conway as president, Rhonda Lewis and vice president and Pete Cain as secretary.